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19-Apr-2020 03:42

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The lady wasn’t really happy with my displeasure of having to dig through my entire bag for the receipt but explained that with express checking and no checked bag I could have blasted right past the check in desk to security without paying.I’ll keep the receipt handy from now on just in case. You bet I was right up there when they announced boarding for elderly, families with children, and people .Although I read a ton of tips from other people, I also knew that every person, dog, and situation is different so I went into the experience with an open mind and flexible attitude. Disclosure: This article contains (affiliate links). That means we get a few pennies every time you click a link and make a purchase.Buying things you need anyway helps support this blog and we totally appreciate that!Gretel and I were invited to attend the Pet Safe Paw Print Blogger Summit in Knoxville, TN last month.I had never flown with a dog in-cabin (or at all) before and Gretel had never been on an airplane.

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Our total travel time was about 6 hours and she held it the whole time.The certificate from my vet was only and totally worth the peace of mind in case flights get changed.